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Do you own a business? Then recommend it with wings and open the door of opportunities. webnine technology professional website design can launch, give wings to your business and launch it all across the globe amid webnine technology .com. A website acts like a mirror that reflects the business assist of SEO. In the present scenario website webnine technology authenticates existence of the business in the market. webnine technology Web Design Company has since 2005 been in the Web Design industry. It has been providing web design up-to-date technological, SEO user-friendly and comfortable website interface too globally

Static Web Design

webnine technology edify you Static web design signifies?

What kind of business requires static web designs? Keep reading to get an idea of what it exactly means. Using a language known as Hyper text Markup. Language (HTML) a basic web design is built. This is the basic form of website design. Static web development is simple.

How does static website work?

Static web design is the basic programming language HTML, static web design pages are formatted and sent to the web browser. The web browsers are referred to Google chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. Once visitors on the static website send a request, the server locates the file and sends it back to the browser. Finally, browser reads the HTML and exhibits the static web site in the midst of webninedesigns .com..

Benefit of webnine technology static web design and its uses

Mainly, the construction cost of static web design is very less. i.e., “Economic Web Design”. It is affordable to a small business. Business that require a website first to enhance an online presence and require landing pages designed for some specific objective can opt for static web design center of webninedesigns .com. webninedesigns Professional designer to design a static website is easily available. Seek web design services for free consultation to find out if static web design satisfactory for your business.

Corporate Web Design

webnine technology corporate web design represents a unique style website which incorporates cutting edge technology. This corporate web development is for all range of businesses that demands superior return through this channel of investment.

Matchless Corporate Website live webnine technology

Corporate website incorporates a new and original style, built with several animations and multimedia. The corporate web design also focuses on the content management system as this is very essential for a contemporary website. In a corporate web development robust database application is very vital. This multimedia corporate web site demands management and deployment of customized and quality design solutions medium of webnine technology .com. Outcome of Corporate Web Development Corporate web development drives sales. Corporate web design improves the means of communication amidst the business and the customers. Corporate web site reduces the overhead expenses of your business. A custom made web design suits all business to corporate, a website design to suit all types of budget, a corporate web design with commitment of building it from scratch and designing it with effective programming solutions. With all these effective features get a corporate website for yourself among webnine technology .com.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design is a web design loom geared toward crafting sites to provide an optimum viewing experience to easy reading and navigation with a lowest amount of resizing, panning, and scrolling from corner to corner a broad choice of devices (from smart phones to tablet, laptop, and desktop monitors) webnine technology provides a world class solution to resolve a wide range of consideration, from simple websites through to advanced web site throughout responsive web design in any type of industry, webnine technology has flexible from end to end web design and development solutions across Globally. A progressively well-liked approach to cross platform web development, responsive web design in india enables organizations to fulfill the diverse needs of their users through a single online channel. We also provide Mobile application development services. Building on a versatile framework that detects the device being used and adapts the layout consequently, a consistent user experience is ensured across all devices. Our team has distributive information in making web design and mobile applications that which will create your users to figure on time period.

How did Responsive Web Design originate?

There has been no limit to the devices that are entering the market these days and with the help of numerous service providers it has been easy to hook up online any minute to find out everything that is happening around the globe. Earlier it was difficult to view a website meant for desktop in any other device. It had to be scrolled left to right when viewing all the necessary information. The shape of the website stayed the same as it was in the desktop. Business, when it saw its customers struggling with the desktop version of the web page in other devices, went in search of specific device websites. Designing different websites to be used in different devices was seen as the near solution. Many services before 2010 were even approached for mobile website, etc. But, in real it was the absurd solution one could have arrived. The real solution was found at making the website to have a pleasant view irrespective of the device it is being loaded in. Thanks should be awarded to the founder of responsive web design concept Ethan Marcotte. Usefulness of Responsive Web Design A website if not compatible, is treated similar to crap that is not useful to anyone. Hence, the need to design the website compatible with every device became a must and a trend. Responsive web design helps the website to resize itself considering the screen size of the device it is being viewed. The viewing experience, which can get affected due to frequent scrolling and panning, is completely avoided with the help of this responsive web design. The output of the responsive web design through webnine technology team ensures the user's experience is not affected irrespective of the devices they use and there is no hindrance experienced when accessing the information they need.

Flash Web Design

webnine technology .com Flash web design is a powerful technology. Using this technology one can build a flash web site that leaves a visual impact.

Custom Flash Web Development

Flash web design will help you to enumerate the features of flash website. It is one of the most ubiquitous technologies used to create an interactive website. It is also one of the most impressive technologies from graphical point of view. A flash website also incorporates enthusiasm and animation in its design.

Usefulness of Flash Web Development

webnine technology Flash web design can be used to designers and developers to deliver rich content over the colorful, creative, interactive and beautiful Flash-based web-sites in a corporate web design. There are certain web sites relating to forex, commodity or share trading. These web sites require flash web design where they need to present a demo to their customers. Another vital usage of flash web design is in building a gaming portal. Certain interactive gaming web site also demands inclusion of flash technology.

Web Redesign

The website universe is changing surpassingly. Every now and then, there is technological up gradation in the web design industry. Therefore website redesign can be a process through which you can rejuvenate your website. As the saying, variety is the spice of life; web redesign gives you a chance to revamp your website. Finally web application redesign allows you to adopt new methodology that would work for you.

Who Requires Website Redesign Services

A web design might be technically strong, comprising of all Java applications, Flash and animations, but a typical website needs to be designed for their target audience. Therefore all those websites that possess only style and lack substance in it requires web redesign services. After the launch of the initial website design effective web design would start getting hits, but on the contemporary if it fails to attract the traffic and gain online visibility then an internet marketing consultant would gear up your website by changing the content and web application redesign process to make it friendly.

Therefore, designing an effective website that is search engine friendly at the same time also a user friendly website to its target audience is a challenging task. So just refresh your website if you lack any one of it.

Small Personal Website

Are you looking to build a small personal website page to your project / personal image? Yes you are at right place. webnine technology .com serves Small personal web design is suitable for all those who want to exhibit themselves professionally.

For example Artist, Actors, Actresses, Jobseekers, business man, professionals, consultant, club members, entrepreneurs, college students, professors also can use webnine technology .com small personal web site to project their identity with webnine technology .

Small Scale Business Website

More than five billions have access to World Wide Web from all across the globe. The online community is large in number. You cannot ignore the potentials that you would derive from your small scale business web design.

A small scale business website is an important tool in gaining online visibility with webnine technology .com.

webnine technology features of a Small Scale Business Web Development

webnine technology provides you the perfect business solution for your area of interest.
It is a gateway to your potential customers to walk into your business.
Small scale business web design is your business representative that would answer all your customer queries.
Small scale business web site updates your clients, customers and potential customers with all the information such as contact
information, history, milestones of achievements, rewards and recognitions. Its smart networking.

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Static Website


(non editable website)

  • Home Page
  • 5 Pages Website
  • Basic Design
  • Navigation Systems
  • .in Domain Free(for 1 Year)
  • 300 MB Free Space( for 1 year)
  • 1 Email Id
  • clients logo will be Used
  • No Editable Content

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Dynamic Website


(Editable website)

  • Home Page
  • 5 Pages Website
  • Basic Design
  • Navigation Systems
  • .in Domain Free(for 1 Year)
  • 500 MB Free Space( for 1 year)
  • 5 Email Id
  • 1 Inquiry Page
  • Content Editable with control Panel

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Shopping Cart


(Online Shopping Website)

  • Home Page
  • 1GB Free Space( for 1 year)/8 Email Id
  • 50 Products Uploads
  • check Product availability/share Product
  • .in Domain Free(for 1 Year)
  • Manage New Products
  • Product Catalog
  • Access Specific Rate
  • Content Editable with control Panel

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